• Following the release of singles ‘Blue Boy‘ and ‘Last Warning‘, Alex Carter’s full album ‘Call It Rock And Roll’ is finally out on all platforms.

    Featuring my drums recorded at my studio on five of the eight tracks, and piano on one, the album is available on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. Mixed and mastered by Chris Barwise.

  • The second Alex Carter single I have recorded on drums at my studio. Mixed and mastered by Chris Barwise.

    Look out for more new music from Alex Carter coming soon!

  • I had a great time recording for blues artist Alex Carter last month, and Alex’s new single ‘Blue Boy’ is out now on all digital platforms – including Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

    All the drums and organ parts for ‘Blue Boy’ were recorded ‘remotely’ here at my studio, before the track was mixed by record producer Chris Barwise.

    I’m really happy with the overall sound and vibe I achieved in the studio – capturing Alex’s ‘raw, classic blues sound’ inspired by artists like The Stones, Chuck Berry and John Lee Hooker – and I am proud to have contributed to this record.

  • The music video for the title track of my new EP, When The Autumn Comes is available in full on YouTube now. Shot at the Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich in 2015 (shortly after the song the song was written) with photography by Boo Marshall Photography and Dynamic Dog Productions, this was a really fun video to make which captures the tone and mood of the song brilliantly – and I am extremely excited to finally get to share it with everybody ahead of the EP’s release date on 3rd October.

  • When The Autumn Comes

    When The Autumn Comes

    The past few months have been a difficult time for many people in the music industry. Lockdown has meant a complete lack of live gigs – and coupled with school closures, a lot of us have found ourselves with very little work, and with an unexpected amount of time on our hands instead. This has been quite a challenging period for me, with a large proportion of my normal work coming from touring. However, I have been recording and producing in my studio more than ever before, and this has also presented opportunities.

    Over the last couple of months, I have revisited several songs which I began writing a while back, but which never got finished as I ran out of steam or became too busy to finish working on them. Gradually, these songs have become an EP which I have called When The Autumn Comes (after one of the tracks on the record).

    When The Autumn Comes is a collection of five original songs, initially written between 2014 and 2016, and completed during the first half of 2020. The songs are all written and performed by me – except guitars (James Porter, Jamie Roe and Simon Yaxley), and bass guitar (Giles Meehan) – and recorded and mixed by me in my own studio at home.

    When The Autumn Comes will be released digitally on 3rd October 2020, and will be my first new piece of work as a solo artist since my album Bones From My Back came out in 2014.

    When The Autumn Comes artwork with release date banner
  • A few months ago, I had the pleasure of recording an original song in my studio; Lady Will You Be My Friend is a song from the debut novel On The Edge by retired Norfolk GP Tony Ashman – the song appears in the text of the book, and is sung by one of the main characters at a pivotal point in the plot. Without giving too much away, the song has quite an impact on the narrative!

    Because the character in the book is a guitarist and singer, I was able to ask my friend James Porter to play guitar on the session at my studio in Norfolk. I then sang the track, and mixed it.

    The finished track is now available to listen to on YouTube here:

    On The Edge is published by Paul Dickson Books, and is available to buy from the publisher direct or on Amazon.

  • It may have been made eighteen months ago… But the inaugural Jamie Roe Band EP – ‘Reach For The Tide’ – is finally available online!

    The four track EP showcases some of the early songwriting work of the band, and was recorded at Tide’s Reach Studios in Lowestoft.

    I am contributing piano, organs and backing vocals on all four songs.

    Click here to buy ‘Reach For The Tide’ on iTunes. Or listen to the tracks on Spotify, below:

  • A few pictures from last night’s awesome Ultra ’90s gig on keys and sax at The Harlington in Fleet.


  • Lucan Mills’ brand new EP ‘Level’ is out now 1 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. I am proud to have contributed piano, organ and synth parts to this collection to exciting new hip-hop tracks.

    Level 1 – Lucan Mills
  • Jamie Roe Band CDs Arrive

    Jamie Roe Band CDs Arrive

    The long-awaited hard copies of this spring’s Jamie Roe Band EP, Reach For The Tide, have finally landed!  Contact Jamie through the website to order your copy now.

    Reach For The Tide – Jamie Roe Band
    Reach For The Tide – Jamie Roe Band

    Unsure? Listen to a track from the EP now:

Kit Marsden // Musician