My studio has come a long way from humble beginnings, literally mixing in a cupboard in my dad’s spare room. As my studio work has evolved, so has my setup. I use a hybrid digital/analogue recording process centred around a Mac Pro (equipped with most major DAWs) and a Digidesign C|24 control and mixing surface – alongside several classic outboard processing units like the Neve 33609 compressor/limiter.

The studio is equipped with a Kawai K15 ATX hybrid acoustic piano, an Adams 4.2 octave concert marimba, a pair of Ludwig copper timpani, and a large selection of microphones suitable for all applications. A full gear list is available on request.

I work on a wide variety of studio projects. Session work for a range of artists on drums, percussion, or keys; arrangements to commission; mixing and production.

I love working in my own studio, recording and creating tracks – it’s a space I have become very proud of.

The studio is also available to hire by other producers or artists, for tracking or mixing projects.

Please contact me if you want to talk about session work, or to hire the studio yourself.

Remote Session for Jade MayJean
Kit Marsden // Musician