I am a flexible, click-friendly session musician with a strong understanding of the recording environment, and a good ear for arrangements, song structures, etc., to give your tracks the input they need in the studio. I can offer top-quality drum tracks, percussion parts, piano/keys parts and synth lines, and a variety of recording/production packages – all created and produced using professional quality equipment in a purpose-built studio space.

Located in the heart of rural Norfolk, my studio is a space designed for music. With a custom-built, acoustically treated ‘live’ booth, and a control room centred around a 40-channel Soundcraft MH3 analogue mixing console and outboard processing units like the peerless Neve 33609 stereo compressor. A selection of top-quality microphones from Sennheiser, Neumann, Coles, AKG, and other iconic names. And a range of instruments including an acoustic piano; Moog and DSI Prophet analogue synths; a 4.2 octave concert marimba; and a variety of rare vintage and one-of-a-kind drumkits, snare drums and cymbals.

Whether you’re a songwriter or composer looking for ‘remote’ sessions on keys, drums or percussion; an artist or a band looking for somewhere to record; or a fellow producer needing a space to work in… Please feel free to contact me to discuss bookings.

Kit Marsden // Musician