• Band Theft Audio

    Band Theft Audio

    Band Theft Audio

    I’m delighted to be joining the UK’s hottest event band Band Theft Audio as a keyboard player this year!

    Filling the gap between band and DJ, BTA provide the ultimate musical entertainment experience for your event. Musically focused on keeping heads nodding and feet moving, the BTA repertoire moves from dance, RnB, and hip-hop seamlessly to rock, funk, and pop to cater for all audiences.

    It’s the perfect opportunity to flex my synth and programming muscles whilst getting stuck into an immersive live performance guaranteed to leave audiences wanting more.

    I’ll be playing with BTA on a number of festivals and other events throughout the year, so keep an eye on the Calendar page and don’t miss the chance to come and check us out.

  • Candacraig At The Portland Arms

    Candacraig At The Portland Arms

    I’m very excited that I’ll be playing keys with Lincolnshire’s alt-folk duo Candacraig at The Portland Arms in Cambridge next weekend, on Sunday 26th February, showcasing songs from their debut album Thunder of Whispers.

    Doors are at seven o’clock with Candacraig going onstage at eight o’clock. Hope to see you there!

  • 90s Jam At EGO Perth

    90s Jam At EGO Perth

    Photos from the recent 90s Jam show at EGO nightclub in Perth, by Cristian Shearer-Felipe.

  • New 90s Jam Promo

    New 90s Jam Promo

    Very excited to reveal new promotional material for 90s Jam for 2022, showcasing four of the smash hit 90s dance tunes from our exciting and energetic 90s experience show. We can’t wait to get back out on the road again in 2022, and we are already looking forward to a great year of gigs all over the UK!

    We had an absolute blast making our new promo video at Heat nightclub in Sleaford with the guys from PX Productions, and I am so happy with how all the footage and and photos turned out from the day’s shooting.

    See you all on a dancefloor somewhere soon!

  • Really lovely to have such a glowing review from Chris Farlie – writing for w21Music – of the recent set I played on drums with Sam Coe at Buckle & Boots festival in Stockport. Chris seems to have been particularly taken with the volume and intensity of my drumming, as that enjoys several specific mentions in his article!

    The Truth · Image by Drew Burnett for w21Music.

    With a limited sized band today would not be the full “Comeback Queen” wall of sound experience but make no mistake this would be one of the most explosive 30 minutes that the Paddock Stage would see all weekend. Commencing with a thunderous drum intro and some heavy bass, the was the start of “Hard Time”, it was deliciously noisy and full of attitude – surely that drum kit would never be hit as hard throughout the whole weekend!

    Chris Farlie for w21Music

    I always enjoy that I get to play so ‘big’ when I work for Sam, as she and her producer Kevin both like to feel a lot of weight in the groove. The set we did at Buckle & Boots on the Paddock Stage was the first time I had got to play this material since Christmas, so it was a lot of fun to be let loose on it again.

    The gentle keyboard intro to “The Truth” gave little indication of what was to come, This ballad came with drumming that was heart stoppingly loud and probably should have a health warning attached to it. All the while Sam laid down a vocal that veered between being breathy and quiet to being expressive as she wandered up and down the scales in impressive style.

    Chris Farlie for w21Music

    My next appearances with Sam Coe and her band are Saturday 2nd October for HarFest at the Norfolk Showground, and then at The Waterfront Norwich on Sunday 14th November.

  • I had the great privilege of playing drums for Sam Coe on a closed video session conducted under COVID restrictions at EPIC Studios just before Christmas. The video shoot was a pre-record of a live performance for the Americana Music Association‘s January awards show night, which this year was an entirely online event.

    With the AMA Awards now having been broadcast, EPIC Studios have published the full length performance on their YouTube channel this week, and I am very excited to be able to share that with you here. I was really proud to get to be a part of this, and I think the look of the video and the sound we achieved with the drums and with the band overall is absolutely first class.

  • Another line video from Sam Coe’s album launch night, which I played keys for back in November.

    Comeback Queen is the title track of the album, and was the closing song of the night at Epic Studios. Such a fun piece of music to play, and a wonderful group of musicians to play it with! We all got a chance to go a little mad at the end of this one, too…

    Video shot and edited by Sam Thurlow.

  • 90s Jam Launches January 2020

    90s Jam Launches January 2020

    For the last two years, I have run and MDed Ultra 90s Jam – a spin-off lineup of the PX Productions’ hugely popular Ultra ’90s dance music show, which recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary.

    '90s Jam

    As of the start of this year, Ultra ’90s Jam is becoming 90s Jam – still based on the tried-and-tested Ultra ’90s concept, but now a separate show in its own right – featuring former star of BBC’s The Voice Jade Mayjean on lead vocals.

    I consider myself extremely privileged to have been a part of the PX Productions family over the last ten years, so to have been given the reigns of my own project by them is something I value hugely. We have been hard at work over the last few months designing new logos and branding, creating a brand new Facebook page for the new show, and an all-new website which will go live soon. We’ve got exciting new ideas for the coming year – including (but not limited to!) new arrangements and songs to add to the show, as we seek to bring you even more of the classic ’90s club and dance tunes we all love than ever before – and we can’t wait to get started.

    So go and give us a Like on Facebook and a follow on our new Twitter account, and keep an eye on to see when we’re next performing near you. (And as always, all the live performance dates will appear on my own Calendar page as well.) Looking forward to seeing you all out there soon, for the launch of 90s Jam and the start of this exciting new era!

    For bookings or management please email

  • A massive thank you to Gordon Woolcock for these amazing photos from Sam Coe’s Comeback Queen Album Launch night at Epic Studios in Norwich last month.

  • Another live video from the Comeback Queen album launch show a couple of weeks ago with Sam Coe and her wonderful band.

    This slow track, The Truth – a rare switch from organs to electric piano for me – is one of my favourites of Sam’s songs to do live. It is a gorgeous, mellow number with so much space in it, and I always feel like we are making something profound happen when we play this.

    Video shot and edited by Sam Thurlow.

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