• I’ve had the privilege of recording both drums and organs on a new single from blues singer/songwriter Alex Carter in my studio this weekend.

    With a super cool, groovy blues vibe, I have really enjoyed getting stuck into this session and getting the tone and feel of the song just right – both in my playing and in the choice of cymbals and studio techniques. Plus the session was also another great opportunity to run organs through my vintage Sharma 2000 rotary cab, which is always very exciting!

    Keep an eye out for the finished single being released soon. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

  • 90s Jam At EGO Perth

    90s Jam At EGO Perth

    Photos from the recent 90s Jam show at EGO nightclub in Perth, by Cristian Shearer-Felipe.

  • New 90s Jam Promo

    New 90s Jam Promo

    Very excited to reveal new promotional material for 90s Jam for 2022, showcasing four of the smash hit 90s dance tunes from our exciting and energetic 90s experience show. We can’t wait to get back out on the road again in 2022, and we are already looking forward to a great year of gigs all over the UK!

    We had an absolute blast making our new promo video at Heat nightclub in Sleaford with the guys from PX Productions, and I am so happy with how all the footage and and photos turned out from the day’s shooting.

    See you all on a dancefloor somewhere soon!

  • Jade MayJean At The Mesken Hutton

    Jade MayJean At The Mesken Hutton

    Some wonderful photos by Jae Storer from last week’s chilled-out restaurant set at The Mesken Hutton, accompanying Jade MayJean.

    I loved working in this lovely, atmospheric venue, playing stripped-back covers and jazz standards alongside such a brilliant singer as Jade.

  • A massive thank you to Gordon Woolcock for these amazing photos from Sam Coe’s Comeback Queen Album Launch night at Epic Studios in Norwich last month.

  • A few of the wonderful photos and videos I have been sent from Jade’s set at O2 Academy Islington last Thursday night, capturing a little bit of the incredible atmosphere at the show. (Big thanks especially to Jae Storer for some brilliant photography of the band onstage!)

    It has been a huge privilege to spend the start of this year working on creating a live show for Jade from the songs on her 2018 album 20Sixty. I wanted to capture the cool, retro vibe of the album in the arrangements, whilst also making a visually impactful performance which grabs the audience’s attention with timecodes programmed lighting as well as a dynamic live band onstage.

    Seeing this all come together in such a fantastic way on Thursday night last week – at a venue like O2 Academy, with a packed crowd watching the set – was an amazing feeling. I feel so proud of these performances, and I am very happy to have been able to deliver the audio and visual effect which Jade wanted from her live show.

    Now onwards and upwards to the next exciting performance with Jade’s live band: on the main stage of the Ipswich Music Day in Christchurch Park, on Sunday 7th July.

  • Barely seems like a week ago that we were playing Ultra ’90s at the iconic Boston Gliderdrome… In fact, it was late February – and it’s now the start of April! Where does the time go?

    Still, what an absolutely fantastic gig to look back on now! To play at a venue with so much history – and such an incredible atmosphere – is definitely something which stays with you.

    As ever, huge thanks to everyone who came out to the show, and to our brilliant photographers who captured the totally electric feeling of the night wonderfully. So here is a selection of some of my favourite images from the Gliderdrome.

  • A few of the great pictures from three consecutive nights of Ultra ’90s Fresh at the ’90s Weekender at Hunters Quay in Argyll. All photos by Ken Clark.

  • We had a great time headlining the Thomson Holiday Reps’ big reunion at the Irish Cultural Centre in Birmingham.

    All photos by Waltham UK Photography.

Kit Marsden // Musician