• A few of the great pictures from three consecutive nights of Ultra ’90s Fresh at the ’90s Weekender at Hunters Quay in Argyll. All photos by Ken Clark.

  • I am delighted to announce that I’ll be playing percussion in a live orchestral performance for The Pisces Rising – a popular YouTube channel which re-orchestrates well-known theme tunes into large, epic-sounding masterpieces – at this year’s Summer In The City YouTube festival at the ExCel in London.

    The performance will be on the main stage at half-past-five this Saturday, 11th August.

    The Pisces Rising at Summer In The City
  • Moor’s Edge Festival Video

  • We had a great time headlining the Thomson Holiday Reps’ big reunion at the Irish Cultural Centre in Birmingham.

    All photos by Waltham UK Photography.

  • Pictures from Saturday night’s sold-out gig at The River Rooms in Stourbridge – on keys and vocals with Ultra ’90s, in preparation for the launch of Ultra ’90s Jam this coming weekend…

  • Ultra '90s Jam
    Ultra ’90s Jam

    It has been a pleasure to play drums and percussion for Ultra ’90s – the hugely popular, one-of-a-kind ’90s dance tribute show show from PX Productions – for several years now; and when the show expanded in 2015 to include two lineups, I was delighted to be included as the original percussionist for the new incarnation of the show, Ultra ’90s Fresh.

    Now, with demand for a good, healthy dose of old-fashioned ’90s dance music still outstripping supply, PXP are expanding the lineups once again…

    As well as continuing to gig on drums with Ultra ’90s, and on percussion with Ultra ’90s Fresh, I am proud to say I shall be taking on the running of the third new lineup – which has been dubbed Ultra ’90s Jam – as the musical director, keys player and male vocalist.

    Ready To Jam! · Chris Wade
    Ready To Jam! · Chris Wade

    I am very excited to have the opportunity to further expand my work with such a highly professional and well-regarded outfit as PXP – and I am always grateful for the chance to develop new skills (such as learning to program DMX lighting in ChamSys MagicQ), to learn to work with new equipment in different environments, and to push myself further as a performer.

    It is an honour for me to have been trusted with this important role, and to continue to be such a central part of the ongoing success of Ultra ’90s.

    Patching Lighting In ChamSys MagicQ · Michael Latham
    Patching Lighting In ChamSys MagicQ · Michael Latham

    I am looking forward to the first show under the Ultra ’90s Jam banner, at Hopton Holiday Village on Saturday 6th May – and to many more successful gigs beyond that… As ever, keep an eye on the Calendar for gig dates, so you can catch Ultra ’90s Jam at a venue near you.

    Keys rig With Ultra '90s Jam · Kelly Borkertas
    Keys Rig With Ultra ’90s Jam · Kelly Borkertas
  • A few pictures from last night’s awesome Ultra ’90s gig on keys and sax at The Harlington in Fleet.


  • '90s Reloaded Weekend
    ’90s Reloaded Weekend
  • A few pictures from my gigs with Ultra ’90s this July.

  • Back on timps, at the Auden Theatre in Holt.

    Obviously, I never pass up an opportunity to play Mozart…!  But it’s always fun to play orchestral repertoire – particularly when directed by a dynamic, ambitious young conductor like Harry Castle.

Kit Marsden // Musician