• Just announced that Witchers will be playing at Peripheral Festival, Narborough, Norfolk on Saturday 28th May.  Visit the Ideal Surreal website for tickets, more details, etc.

    Peripheral Festival 2016
    Peripheral Festival 2016
  • Jamie Roe Band At FerryFest 2015
    FerryFest 2015
    Live At FerryFest 2015 On Keys With Jamie Roe Band · Matt Wilkinson
  • Touring Setup With Ultra ’90s

    Touring Setup With Ultra ’90s

    I wanted to write a little bit about the gear I am using on the road with live ’90s dance music show Ultra ’90s this summer, and share some of the reasoning behind why I’m playing this setup and why it suits this show so well. Here we are in setup at Golden Coast in Woolacombe, Devon, from behind the kit:

    Ultra '90s at Golden Coast
    Ultra ’90s at Golden Coast

    The kit I’m using is my Carrera custom ‘Sound’ kit with an 18×14″ bass drum and 10×6″ and 14×10″ toms; it’s perfect for touring, as it’s small and lightweight (which helps in reducing the strain on the stalwart Ultra ’90s van which has to carry to the entire rig from place to place!) thanks to the thin birch shells, but the toms still have good projection despite their shallow depth. The toms are also close mic’ed with Sennheiser E604 drum mics. The bass drum is fitted with a mesh head, and all the bass drum sounds are triggered with a Roland RT-10K, going into an Alesis DM5 module.

    I’m using two snare drums here – my 14×5.5″ steambent maple Carrera Tunkan Ingan prototype is my main snare, but I also have a 12×5″ Mapex hammered steel snare as an auxiliary snare. This drum is tuned up very high and snappy, and it also has a Roland BT-1 trigger bar on the rim; this triggers a massive dance music clap sound from my Roland SPD-S. There’s often little variation in dance music drumming, so all the contrast and interest in the parts comes from adding and taking away layers of sound; playing a rimshot on the auxiliary snare means I can layer an electronic clap with an acoustic snare sound with one hand, and still be free to play the hihats or the ride cymbal with my other hand, so I can switch to this from my main snare going into a chorus or anywhere where the track feels like it needs to ‘lift’. Both snares are mic’ed with Shure Beta 57s.

    The SPD-S itself (on the right, next to the floor tom) I use to trigger various samples – as well as the electronic snare and clap sounds, I have rising sweeps and bass sub drops to use when appropriate in the music. Also on the same stand is my iPad, which is running Presonus UC Surface – a remote control app which communicates with the mixing desk for the show via a closed local WiFi network. The whole show is run to a click track, so being able to have full control over my own foldback mix for my in-ear monitors directly from the iPad is fantastic! I use ACS T3 in-ear monitors; playing sets of (sometimes) up to two hours without breaks, I really appreciate the T3s’ clarity of sound, and the comfort in my ears.

    I like to vary the cymbals I use quite often, so I don’t always have an identical cymbal setup to this. I quickly get bored of using exactly the same configuration of cymbals every night, so it’s fun to switch things up every so often and get different sounds out of the kit. The combination of cymbals in this picture, however, is one I really like and have been using quite a bit recently…

    The hihats are 14″ Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hihats, which are great for this type of gig as they are bright and cutting with a lot of definition. The main (left) crash is a 17″ Paiste Signature full crash – it has a bright, glassy crash sound which really cuts through the mix (even with all those layers of synths!), but it’s also great for sensitive washes on quieter sections and build-ups. The ride is a very new acquisition, but one I’m really liking – a 20″ UFIP Bionic ride, with lots of stick definition without being too ‘gongy’ and overpowering. The second (right) crash is rather an interesting one; starting out life as an 18″ Dream Contact crash/ride, it has been modified and repaired by the very talented Benjamin Camp at CymbalMagic into an explosive, trashy ‘effects’ crash with dark and complex tones – it’s great for accents, and introducing a bit of contrast into the sound of the show. All the cymbals are nicely picked up by the overhead mic, which is an SE Electronics SE4a.

    On this show, I also use Pellwood Rock Classic Short sticks and Axis X-series pedals – both of which feel just right, and are comfortable for playing for long periods with no breaks, without getting tired.

    The Ultra ’90s gigs are always really fun, and touring with these guys is something to which I really look forward; having the right gear to take on the road makes sure I can always do my job to the best of my ability, and put on a good show for the crowds every night.

  • Jamie Roe Band CDs Arrive

    Jamie Roe Band CDs Arrive

    The long-awaited hard copies of this spring’s Jamie Roe Band EP, Reach For The Tide, have finally landed!  Contact Jamie through the website to order your copy now.

    Reach For The Tide – Jamie Roe Band
    Reach For The Tide – Jamie Roe Band

    Unsure? Listen to a track from the EP now:

  • New Witchers Promo Shot

    New Witchers Promo Shot

  • Here are a few photos from this weekend’s sessions with the Jamie Roe Band – recording with Lee Jacobs at Tide’s Reach Studio on the east coast, working on our first set of studio tracks for the new project.

    Keep an eye out for the tracks, when they’re available.

  • Witchers Album Launch Party

    Witchers Album Launch Party

    Well, I’m finally able to announce that the long-awaited debut Witchers album will be released on Monday 11th May 2015 – and we will be playing a headline show at The Waterfront Studio in Norwich to celebrate the album’s release on Thursday 7th May 2015.

    It will be three years since we began work on the album, and almost two years since we last played live, so we’re very excited about getting on stage again and playing our music for you all!

    I hope to see lots of you there on 7th May to celebrate the launch of the album with us – tickets are available from any of the band members, or online.

    Listen to a track from the album now here.

  • Paul Lamb & The Detroit Breakdown

    Paul Lamb & The Detroit Breakdown

    I’m very excited to be supporting Paul Lamb & The Detroit Breakdown with the Jamie Roe Band at Wolverhampton’s Robin2 venue on May 20th. Details and tickets can be found on the Robin2 website here.

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