Bring on 2013!

It is, sadly, too late to post this with the title “Happy New Year” – but here goes…

I’ve seen plenty of people asking how 2013 can possibly live up to the wonders that 2012 had to offer.  On a National scale, that may well be the case; 2012 was a Jubilee year, and was the year of a triumphant London Olympics – not to mention the fact that Norwich City Football Club survived to stay up in the Premier League.

On a personal level, however, my first gig of 2013 last weekend, with Crystal Bats, was a belter, while tomorrow sees a return to teaching at Sistema In Norwich, to which I’m very much looking forward.

There are plenty of exciting things planned for 2013 – including more shows with Crystal Bats, a debut album with Witchers (our first studio release since the Throw Your Books Into The Fire EP in July 2010), potentially the biggest ever Keyboard Camp Residential Course, and even a film appearance!  So yes, 2013 is shaping up to be pretty good!

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Bacc For The Future campaign

If, like me, you are both surprised and a little dismayed that the plans for a new Baccalaureate Curriculum completely exclude the study of creative subjects – including music, as well as design and technology, drama and art – you should check out the Bacc For The Future website.

I’m sure you will agree with me that this is an important issue, and that education as a whole will suffer from the lack of creative subjects in schools.

Kit Marsden // Musician