mid-2010 MacBook Refurb And Patching

A nice straightforward refurb I did for a friend of mine, who is also a musician and who wanted a basic MacBook to use as part of his stage rig. This A1342 mid-2010 white unibody MacBook fitted the bill perfectly – once I had fitted a new battery, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD system drive.

A1342 Ready For Some New RAM

Thankfully these are all components which are very easily accessed in these unibody models. And fairly easy to replace, too…

The RAM and the storage are very straightforward. To change the battery you need a Triflite screwdriver, and you need to check under the ‘Do Not Remove’ label attached to the original battery to access a secret ‘hidden’ screw. Still nothing terribly taxing there, though!

I then used the dosdude1 patchers to install macOS 1o.14.6 (‘Mojave’) onto this Mac, as requested.

And there, a new lease of life for a ten-year-old laptop. I am excited to see how this Mac performs onstage now!

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